I’ll tell you a story. It was October and many years ago I went to the ashram in Holland. Over there they had a nice pond and a young man came to me and asked, "Can I talk to you?" He then started talking about his spiritual life. He said, “I am married but my wife is not cooperative. I do all my duties, but when I meditate, she disturbs me – she bangs on the door, sends our daughter to disturb me, and so on.”
I thought about it and then I asked him when he meditates, when he sleeps, and when he works. He answered these questions and then I told him what the problem was. “You don’t give any time to your family,” I explained. I said, “When you go back home spend time with your wife, go with her for shopping, help with the child, and then meditate.” This was at the end of October.
In November I was in Munich and he came to the public lecture. I saw him and he said happily, “My wife has come for the lecture!” After the lecture, I went to see his wife and she said, “I am taking initiation tomorrow. You changed our lives.”

Excerpt from a transcript of Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji speaking at the 2014 Sydney Residential Retreat.

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