Another obstacle for spiritual life is laulya, which has many meanings including restlessness, fickleness, temptation, greed, and strong sexual urge. (Last month we discussed Obstacle 3: Gossip or Excessive Talk).
The second obstacle for yoga is excessive work (See here for Obstacle 1: Overeating). Its name in Sanskrit is prayasha, meaning “effort” or “hard work”. We, the human beings, in the name of development, progress, modernity, and business expansion have deviated from a natural way of living. We all work, but for what? Our life is twenty-four hours a day. Nothing more. How do we spend these twenty-four hours, and how much money do we really need? Why do we strive to have more money, when having more brings us problems?
How Should We Eat?
Acharya Shankara has a beautiful hymn Sadhana Panchakam, in which he says:
kshyud vyadischa chikitsyatam pratidinam
bhikshausadham vyunjyatam
“Hunger and appetite is a disease that you must treat every day by taking the food you get through begging as medicine.”

Do not differentiate between seva and sadhana. Each compliments the other. On daily sahana, there should be no compromise but the rest of the time serve with love. A sevaka is also a sadhaka.

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