As we commemorate the Mahasamadhi Day of our beloved Gurudev Baba Hariharananda, on 3 December, we recall a very special feature of this great soul — his humility and love. He could be softer than a flower and sometimes, harder than steel. His speech was lilting and charming. He was like a child with children, a friend to the young, a companion to the old and distressed, and an inspiration to all. But he was always humble. For each of his disciples, he was an example of perfect humility.
He often quoted the great saying of Shri Chaitanya:
"Be always lower than the grass, tolerant like the trees, give honour and love to the lowliest, remember the Lord continuously."
His gaze was of love, his talk was divine, his activities were mysterious, and his life was really unknown. Those who were fortunate to be in his presence were inspired and motivated to follow a path of love and service. Through his selfless service, he helped others to change their outlook in life.
Gurudev’s life was dedicated to educating the poor, serving the sick, and transforming the people through Kriya and spiritual programs. Gurudev founded an ashram along with Prabhuji in a remote village of Bengal in 1973, and built a school in the village for the education of poor children. He named the school Shri Yukteshwar Vidyayatan. Over the years, hundreds of children have been educated at this school, and their lives have been enriched by this work of love. Gurudev provided financial support for educational and medical facilities. His generosity was boundless and no one who approached him for help ever left empty handed.
Though not physically present, Gurudev’s work continues through the Prajnana Mission founded on his advice and direction, through establishment of educational facilities, youth camps, health centres and spiritual retreats. As we remember Gurudev on this special occasion, let us pray and try to emulate Gurudev's  humility and service and serve his mission as best as we can.
Message from the Ashram

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