Almost three weeks ago, the ashram property got even sweeter — we now have two beautiful beehives. With the blessing of the gurus and the goddess Bhrarami, both beehives have really good numbers, strong queens and are doing really well. In this short time, they have two-thirds filled the two honey supers (the boxes on the top of the brood boxes). The boxes will be inspected again in another week as they are starting to wax cap the honey.
You can see in the picture of the honey frame (below), the top area in white that goes over the cells. This means the honey is ripe and ready, and we will need to add another honey super so they continue to have space to store honey. The great news is that we will have ashram honey for Baba Prajnananandaji's visit in a few months and we should also have 500g jars of honey for people to purchase at the upcoming silent retreat.


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