Dear Divine All,
The Australia Kriya Yoga Association (AKYA) takes this opportunity to invite memberships for the calendar year 2018.
As you may know, AKYA was formed in July 2004 and is the official entity that organises Kriya Yoga and spiritual education programs in Australia under the guidance and leadership of Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.

To meditate you have to prepare your field. You require receptivity. Introvert stage cannot be perceived by the five sense organs or the mind, thought, intellect or ego. Everything is coming from one soul, who is remaining inside. So if you go there, you will be free from mind, thought, intellect and ego.

In the scriptures, it is said: “If the technique is not simple and short, then it is not for God Realisation." For God Realisation you need not talk and you do not require any songs. Only you have to practice the technique. Throughout my life, I have been telling this to everybody. Kriya Yoga is the highway of common religion. Kriya Yoga gives calmness to every person in a moment time. If you take slow and feeble breath and search for Him on the top, then, in a moment time you will get the state of calmness and peace.

Excerpt from a talk by Paramahamsa Prajnanananda at Central Missouri State University in Kansas on International Yoga Day, 21 June 2015.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is a beautiful and the most ancient language in the world. The Sanskrit word yoga has 32 meanings. The simplest meaning of yoga is union. Union is possible when there are two. You are sitting here listening to me as I am talking to you. The talk from me is entering you — this is union. In India the two hands are brought together to greet each other (i.e. joining palms in pranam or prayer).

Message from Gurudev Paramahamsa Hariharananda

Until and unless you get calmness, you cannot get divinity. So calmness and divinity are one. You are to get calmness. You will have to do some work, and from the work you will get some knowledge. When you have become educated, then you can work in the office; the result of your knowledge is money, which is your livelihood. Then you will get peace of mind, bliss and joy.

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