In the scriptures, it is said: “If the technique is not simple and short, then it is not for God Realisation." For God Realisation you need not talk and you do not require any songs. Only you have to practice the technique. Throughout my life, I have been telling this to everybody. Kriya Yoga is the highway of common religion. Kriya Yoga gives calmness to every person in a moment time. If you take slow and feeble breath and search for Him on the top, then, in a moment time you will get the state of calmness and peace.

You have come from a long distance. My duty is to help you to be spiritual. You are God in human being. Your whole body is the temple of God. You have to feel it. Your breath will go and touch the soul fire in the fontanel. He is pulling the breath from the top. He is hiding there.

Your life is your breath. I am fortunate. Even in this old age I have come here for you all. If just now you can get Samadhi stage, this will be my great joy.

If you touch a rusty wire with insulation you feel nothing. Similarly many people are teaching many things. They are not getting divine current in their body. If I remove the insulator of this electric wire then I cannot touch it. If I touch it, then in a moment time it is death due to high voltage. You are practising Kriya for your external death and for your material death. Your whole material body is ham, is full of maya, delusion, illusion and error.

If you only control your breath and follow the Guru one hundred percent, then surely you all will be realised. It is very essential. You all should spread this Kriya Yoga technique. So first you should be master of yourself. With deepest love bow and just now you will get Samadhi stage. The subtle breath is going straight to the fontanel while the gross breath is going to the lungs. It gives simultaneous development of body, mind, intellect and soul. It imparts skill. Your memory will be sharp. You will get prompt understanding and ready wit. Your brainpower will be fertile.

(Excerpt from a talk by Gurudev Paramahamsa Hariharananda on his 91st birthday - from Sthita Prajna, Volume 7, Issue 4, October 2006)

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