To meditate you have to prepare your field. You require receptivity. Introvert stage cannot be perceived by the five sense organs or the mind, thought, intellect or ego. Everything is coming from one soul, who is remaining inside. So if you go there, you will be free from mind, thought, intellect and ego.

If you practice it in your daily life, you will feel that you are pure and perfect. You must see where your loopholes are and try to remove them.

Love God and feel:
“You are in me, I am fortunate. My brain is all right, because You are in my brain. My eyes are all right; You are seeing through my eyes. O Lord, whatever I am doing through my gross body, it is only Your worship and prayer. I love Thee. This is my oblation to Thee. O Lord, remove my sorrows, remove my anger, pride, cruelty, insincerity. Give me purity. Give me all-round development. Lord, I will meditate daily and I bow to You a thousand times.”

But only by prayer you cannot get it. Only by reading, you cannot get it. You are to pray and you are to meditate. You are to read and you are to meditate. You should alternate chanting and meditation. When you are tired of chanting, then you meditate. When are you tired of meditation, then you chant. Chanting is not verbal. You are to mentally hear the sound. If you feel that you are the soul, then you will hear. Seek Him, constantly.

You are the children of God, so you must have the quality of God — purity, perfection, sweetness, kindness, lovingness.

(Except from Sthita Prajna - Message from the Master, Volume 7, Issue 1 January 2006)

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