On this day, the birthday of our beloved Guruji Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji, our loving thoughts turn towards him and all that he embodies as a living example of Kriya Yoga. Whether renunciant or householder, every kriyavan can emulate his selfless dedication as a model of the most elevated spirituality in the practical life. It is the promise of our lineage that there will always be a realized master to guide sincere seekers on the path of Kriya Yoga.

The loving hand of Mahavatar Babaji himself reaches out across time and space through an unbroken line of realized masters to help the devotee find the way back home to the Divine.

And this eternal promise came to life when Baba Hariharanandaji chose Guruji as his designated successor.

The times we live in are unique beyond measure, and so is the opportunity we have to sit and learn at the lotus feet of such a master and thereby acquire a greater understanding of sadhana, the spiritual journey. And it is through the grace of guru, the guru kripa, that we gain the strength and impetus to strive on towards the divine goal despite the challenges of daily life. Through the loving gaze and teachings of our Guruji we receive the flow of grace from the entire lineage of Kriya masters to help us improve, learn from our mistakes, and transform into more perfect vessels of the Divine. By his grace and his example we are safely taken "across the worldly ocean" to reach the far shore, the purpose of life itself.

dhyanamulam gururmurtih pujamulam guroh padam
mantramulamgurorvakyam moksamulam guroh krpa
"The true foundation of meditation is the form of the guru preceptor.
The root of worship is found at his feet.
Every word he speaks is a mantra to be practiced.
The cause of liberation is the grace of the guru preceptor." - Shri Shri Guru Gita (38)

It is true that a master has no desires for gain, is always content, and needs nothing. And yet, on this auspicious day of the birth of our Guruji, we should offer something that brings joy to the guru. Have you thought of the gift you would offer that would demonstrate your gratitude? Donations, fruits, flowers are all kind gestures of respect, but can we not think of something more meaningful?
Guruji often reminds us that "time and tide wait for no one." So make today a new beginning as a gift to this selfless master.

Offer your heart.
Offer your resolve to be more disciplined to practice again and again.
Make the ego small, be humble, and don't waste time lamenting your faults and shortcomings. But rather raise yourself up to start anew with fresh determination.
Serve more, be more compassionate, study more, and listen attentively to the divine sound within as a call to action.
In this way we change our lives, become real kriyavans and humbly offer this inner transformation as a precious gift to the feet of the guru.

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