My Loving and Divine Ones,
On the occasion of Good Friday, Passover, and Easter I send my love and prayers to all of you, and at this same time I take the opportunity to write a few lines to express my mind and thoughts. This creation is the creation of God. It is permeated by His loving presence, but we often forget it. Instead of making this world beautiful, we often invite miseries and misfortunes by wrong thoughts, words, and deeds. To remind us that our role is to manifest love, kindness, and compassion, many divine incarnations have been born on this earth. Nevertheless, we still forget our duties and responsibilities.

About two millenniums ago, Jesus the Christ was on the earth for a short time. It is said in the Holy Bible (John 3:16), "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him, shall not perish, but have eternal life."

We are immortal children. We have godlike potential for love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. But what happens? Are we aware of our divine nature? Are we trying to realize and manifest all these divine qualities, or are we forgetting them? Are we becoming victims of the vicious play of our minds with temptation, ego, arrogance, emotion, faultfinding, judgments, and so on? Let us be more disciplined and devoted. Let us be more punctual and sincere. Let us be always positive and optimistic. Let us follow the footsteps of the great ones. Let us be the worthy children of the Divine.

Let us pray on these holy days, "O God, O Lord, I am your foolish child. Please forgive my foolishness and trespasses. Give me a little more strength, and I will use my every breath, every moment, not only for my own development, but also for serving everyone around me. This world is Your temple. I will decorate it by cultivating good habits. All are my own, and I will love and serve all with love. I will not cherish any ill feelings toward anyone."

"O Lord, help me keep my mind clean and pure, my thoughts sublime and divine. I will not work a single day without prayer, meditation, and serving others."

My loving ones, again and again I bow to all of you. Jesus loved the world as God loves all. He sacrificed his life for all of us. He showed the path of love and forgiveness. Let us live with that spirit.

My love and prayer is with you all now and forever.

With Love,

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