Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God and the masters be upon all of you. I take this opportunity to pray for you and send my best wishes on the occasion of Mother's Day. Each year we celebrate this special day as Mother's Day. But is it enough?

I remember when my beloved Gurudev narrated his love for his parents. Every morning when he arose from bed, he remembered his mother and father and expressed his love and gratitude to them. He was a monk, but he kept photos of his parents in his bedroom so he could offer his love and gratitude to them. It was quite uncommon for a renunciant. He kept his mother in the ashram after his father's demise and served her in every possible manner. Moreover, every woman represented divine motherhood to my beloved Gurudev.

What is motherhood? To me, the mother is the epitome of love, kindness, compassion, and service. Her life is a saturation of divine qualities. When I think of this special day, a picture of my mother flashes through my mind, a picture that was imprinted in my early childhood memory. Her sweetness, lovingness, and kindness were beyond comparison for me. From those early days until her last days, all the time, I saw those divine qualities continuously manifest in her thoughts, words, and actions.

She held everyone near and dear. In her I never found any discrimination or differentiation. Since my childhood, I saw her as the mother of all, and her mind and heart were always searching for an opportunity to serve according to her capacity. She always saved money in her purse to be used for others.

As I am writing now, a picture of her purity, serenity, simplicity, and sweetness is flashing in my mind. In myself I find countless flaws and faults, but not in her. To me, she is a perfect image of a loving mother. After her physical departure, I feel her presence and love in my daily life. When I write about motherhood, I am writing about all mothers, and we should learn to love and serve them unconditionally. When they are alive, we should spend much time with them and give them the best care. When I speak of the mother, this includes the father.

We cannot think of creation and our existence without a mother. Our lives become more beautiful due to the love and grace of a mother. Mothers, or in other words, parents, are our natural well-wishers in our lives.

On the occasion of Mother's Day, I am praying for all the mothers to shower their grace and blessings upon each of us so we can be worthy children and learn to serve all with love and compassion.

With Love,

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