Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God, Moses, Jesus, and the masters be upon all of us on the occasion of Passover and Easter. I take this opportunity to pray with you for ourselves, for humanity, and for all creation.

Passover is a joyous and festive celebration that remembers Moses delivering his people from slavery. Life is miserable when we are enslaved to the mind and senses filled with attachment and emotion. We must work sincerely for our freedom. Springtime festivals mark a time of transformation when plants, trees, animals, and birds are renewing their lives. We must live with the spirit of sincere prayer, positive living, and a joyful attitude of serving all.

At this time we also celebrate Easter to remember Jesus, the Son of God, the Prince of Peace, who by sacrificing his life showed us how to return to the divine abode. He revealed the path to immortality with his resurrection. Easter is a mourning, but at the same time it is a celebration of sacrifice for a greater and better cause — to redeem suffering humankind. The great message is that every one of us should love and serve all creation. God has given us many gifts such as the mind, the brain, the heart, hands to serve, and feet to move, and so forth.

If we consider the lives of Moses and Jesus, we see that they sacrificed their lives for others with love and compassion. It is very common for affluent people to spend a lot on themselves rather than help the less privileged stand on their own feet and help eradicate misery on the planet. Charity should be for the worthy and the needy.

There is a proverb in Sanskrit:

vritha vrishti samudreshu vritha triptasya bhojanam
vritha danam samarthasya vritha dipo divapi cha

"It is useless to pour rain into the ocean. It is futile to feed someone who is already content. What is the use of giving gifts or charity to a capable and well-to-do person! Lighting a lamp in the daytime has no meaning."

During these special days of celebration, we should contemplate the lives of Moses and Jesus, pray sincerely, and faithfully be instruments in the hands of the Divine. We should serve the sick, the poor, the needy, and the hungry. Let our hands be prepared to serve those in need, and let our feet be ready to go where we are needed. The masters say that hands that serve are holier than lips that sing the glory of the Divine. When we serve, our lives will be beautiful and we will contribute to making others’ lives beautiful; ultimately, creation will be beautiful.

Again on the occasion of Passover and Easter, I send my love and prayers to you for inner transformation and for peace everywhere.

With Love,

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