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There is a beautiful story that explains greed. A rich man and his wife went to bed really late at night. The wife was telling the husband that a poor man and his wife lived in a small cottage next door. She said, “The poor couple are so happy. The husband goes to work and the wife takes care of the family things, they take their food together, and they joyfully go to sleep early.” The husband didn’t say anything.

On March 4 2019, we celebrate Mahashivaratri, the worship of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is also known as Pashupati. Pashu means animal and pasha means a noose or something with which you bind another. Pati means the Lord. Why is the Lord called Pashupati? A pashu or an animal bound by a pasha or a rope, is confined to a limited space and dependent on the food and drink that are provided by someone and has limited knowledge. An animal that is not bound by the pasha enjoys its freedom, is free to roam about and eat the green grass and drink water from natural sources, breathes pure air and is much happier.

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