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My Loving and Divine Ones,
On the occasion of Good Friday, Passover, and Easter I send my love and prayers to all of you, and at this same time I take the opportunity to write a few lines to express my mind and thoughts. This creation is the creation of God. It is permeated by His loving presence, but we often forget it. Instead of making this world beautiful, we often invite miseries and misfortunes by wrong thoughts, words, and deeds. To remind us that our role is to manifest love, kindness, and compassion, many divine incarnations have been born on this earth. Nevertheless, we still forget our duties and responsibilities.

Here's a short story about assimilating the knowledge we receive in our daily life. There were 105 princes in the classroom and one son of the Guru. The teacher taught the class, “Anger is not good.” Then he asked, “Do you remember what I said?” and everyone said, “Yes.”
The next day he asked, “Who doesn’t remember what I said yesterday?” One prince raised his hand. The teacher said, “You don’t remember!” and then he asked another student who answered, “Anger is not good.”

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