Perth Kriya Yoga Retreat and Initiation Program 19-28 October 2018

Australian Asian Association of WA Oct 27, 2018

The Perth Kriya Yoga Centre held a 10-day program of events in Western Australia and raised approximately $8,000 for the ashram. The events included a retreat weekend on 19-21 October, four public addresses during the following week, and an initiation weekend on 27-28 October — all conducted by Swami Gurupriyananda and Swami Sarvatmananda.

The Retreat: 19-21 October

The retreat venue was the Serpentine Retreat Centre, a beautiful centre nestled in the hills south east of Perth. Twenty-four Kriyavans attended the retreat conducted by the Swamis. It was a wonderful weekend, with discourses, guided meditations, chanting and devotional songs. The Kriyavans felt a wonderful sense of serenity and bliss, and a deepening of their commitment and practice of Kriya.

Group Meditation

Perth Kriyavans have two weekly meditation groups, one on Tuesday nights in Subiaco, and the other on Saturday mornings in Perth. Both the Swamis attended the Tuesday group meditation. Swami Gurupriyananda conducted a most beautiful meditation, followed by Swami Sarvatmananda’s moving devotional song. Eighteen Kriyavans attended to welcome the monks.

Public Talks: 24-26 October

Our first public address, "Introduction to Kriya Yoga", was held at the Australia Asia House, in Northbridge on Wednesday, 24 October. Swami Gurupriyananda led the audience in a short meditation, before addressing the audience. The second address was held at the Beaconsfield Yoga Centre on Thursday, 25 October and was well attended. On Friday, 26 October, Swami Gurupriyananda, at the invitation of Kookaburra Yoga Retreat, addressed a gathering at their retreat centre in the foothills east of the city. The event ended with a beautiful song by Swami Sarvatmananda.

We also visited the Bala Murugan Temple, south of the city, where the Swamis were warmly welcomed by the temple committee. There was a Satsang held at the temple, with Swami Gurupriyananda addressing the gathering about devotion to God, and meditation as the means to find the God within. The program ended with a devotional song by Swami Sarvatmananda, her voice echoing throughout the temple. We had prasad at the temple with the devotees. It was a magical evening.

Kriya Initiations: 27-28 October

The Kriya Initiation ceremony was conducted by both the Swamis on Saturday, 27 October, and continued with technique teaching and guided meditations through to Sunday afternoon. Sixteen new initiates were welcomed to our Kriyavan community, ranging in age from mid-twenties to eighty-six. A number of existing Kriyavans also attended to welcome and support the new initiates.

The Swamis departed Perth on Monday morning, having spent a very hectic ten days in the West Australian capital, with great enthusiasm and love. Their visit to Perth has given our Kriyavan community a wonderful boost to its love of, and commitment to, Kriya Yoga. The Perth Kriya Centre committee worked tirelessly to put these many events together. Many Kriyavans contributed to the retreat, the public addresses and the Initiations, including the cooking of all the retreat meals to keep costs to a minimum and maximising the amount to be donated to the ashram. We have a wonderful "family" here in Western Australia.

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