We offer several opportunities throughout the year to learn Kriya at various centres around Australia.

Please see events for the current programs, or contact your local centre for information about dates and locations of programs.

What Happens at a Kriya Yoga Initiation Program

A Kriya Yoga initiation program begins with an optional free information session on a Friday night followed by two days of teaching and learning on Saturday and Sunday. You may book your initiation at this event.
On Saturday you will be initiated, followed by teaching of the techniques and finishing with a guided meditation.
On Sunday there will be a review and explanation of the techniques, a Q & A session, and two Guided meditations. To fully learn the method it is important to attend the second day.
Cost: $250 for Adults
           $200 for Students/Pensioners/Unemployed
           $400 per Family (immediate)

Afterward the program is completed, individuals practice regularly on their own and attend group meditations in their area, depending on their availability (usually weekly).

Registering for a Kriya Yoga Program

If there is a current program that you would like to attend, fill out the initiation registration form.
If there are no planned programmes that suit you, then fill out the initiation enquiry form.

Register for Initiation

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