The Benefits of Practising Kriya Yoga

Conscious realisation of one's unity with the spirit is the goal of life, and, consciously or unconsciously, every person is trying to advance towards that end. When he realises his unity with the universal Self — his own spiritual existence — a person becomes one with the universe.
Cosmic consciousness is spread all over the universe and pervades everything. Human consciousness is limited to the human body and its environment. To attain cosmic-consciousness, it is necessary to expand the consciousness that resides in every living cell of the body and brain. Kriya practice clears and stimulates the brain and gives strength. It also greatly magnetizes the body, saturating and feeding all its physical cells with undecaying light and keeping them in a magnetized state.
Spirit is Self-born. Spirit is ever conscious. God's attention is equally distributed everywhere and is fully concentrated everywhere. We human beings, being made in His own image, have latent within us the power to concentrate our attention and to feel our existence everywhere. Through properly following the laws of living and through faithful practice of Kriya Yoga, a person can enlarge his consciousness and quickly reach the ocean of cosmic consciousness, or divine spirit.
The science of Kriya Yoga is that knowledge which, when it is applied to the internals of man, allows him to realise his ever-present unity with God and perceive that whatever he is doing is done only by the power of God, Who is activating his whole system and directing all of his activities.

Kriya Yoga is a Very Effective Shortcut Technique

The word Kriya signifies that you live your life as directed from within through your perception of soul, Who is directing you through your brain to your proper activities. Without soul, your brain cannot function. Without soul, we would not get any thought or mood, and our body would be a dead body. So it is necessary to remember that each and every thought comes from the invisible body, the soul within. If you perceive that the indwelling Self is the sole doer in you, that He is activating and functioning within your whole body system, then Self-realisation is attained.
Kriya Yoga brings about the simultaneous development of body, mind, intellect and soul. Kriya Yoga is the essence and synthesis of all yogic techniques taught in the world. However, the meticulous austerities and painful processes, which are associated with many traditional yogas, are totally absent in the Kriya Yoga technique. The scientific technique of Kriya Yoga given by Paramahamsa Hariharananda and his authorised Yogacharyas is the original and authentic Kriya Yoga of Babaji Maharaj and Lahiri Mahasaya. It is very easy and acceptable and is very suitable for householders. The simple and easy breath control prescribed in Kriya Yoga technique restores lost equilibrium. The pure oxygen breathed in this process purifies the inner mechanism of the body, activates the limbs, and increases the appetite. It gives strength and youth to the body, and memory, patience and brilliance to the mind. It purifies the body, mind, intellect and life simultaneously. No dietary restrictions are needed for this process. Sincere practice of Kriya enables one to experience the touch sensation, sound vibration and light flash of the divinity inside one's own body and helps to elevate the mind into supra-mental consciousness. Kriya Yoga is a very simple yoga, and it is the highway of all religions. It gives mathematical results. Kriya Yoga is an easy, simple and sure practice. It is the quickest means of attaining spiritual success.
This technique can be practised without any restriction of religion, race, creed or sex. Any boy or girl above 13 years of age can practice Kriya Yoga; even an elderly person of 75 years or more can derive a good deal of benefit from it. This Kriya Yoga will enable one to develop a healthy brain, keen mind and prompt understanding.
Kriya Yoga is the quickest means of success. The specialty of Kriya Yoga technique is that it affects simultaneous development of body, mind, and Soul in the shortest possible time. It is an easy, but vitalizing, process. It is a spiritual omnibus with room enough for persons of all tastes and cultures. It is a living progressive spiritual path whose adaptability is the sign of its vitality, not only in the individual life, but also in the life of the whole human race.

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