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What the Corona Virus Teaches Us

Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

AUD3.00 each

Our inability to contain the coronavirus pandemic has left many of us searching for answers and struggling to stay afloat. Turbulent waves of uncertainty and fear surround us. Many of us feel victimised and angry. We are concerned about our health, the health of loved ones, and the economic unravelling. This microscopic foe, COVID-19, has shaken the world to its core. Hopefully, it has also awakened some of us from our slumber.

For far too long, humankind has been traveling down a path of wanton destruction and greed, with an appalling disregard for other living beings. Could this virus be the result of our reckless behaviour? In this candid and profound little booklet Paramahamsa Prajnanananda discusses many of the perplexing problems humanity is now facing and how we can use this current crisis to heal ourselves and the planet. During this critical chapter of the world’s evolution, we must learn from our mistakes, vow to change our lives, and lift up those around us.

Results 26 - 26 of 26

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