In April 2016 a temporary ashram was opened in a rental property in the Sydney suburb of Castle Hill.

We have two resident monks at the ashram, Swami Gurupriyananda Ma and Swami Sarvatmananda Ma. While based in Sydney they will conduct programs in all Australian centres as well as New Zealand and Fiji.

Over many years the Australia Kriya Yoga Association (AKYA) has been seeking to serve God, Gurus and the broader community through its many activities. As you know, we have been blessed to be able to host annual initiation programs, weekly guided meditation sessions in centres across the country, and regular retreats and programs with Masters and monks of our lineage.

While we have all enjoyed the benefit of these events, the AKYA now hopes to take its activities and service to a higher level — through your assistance — by supporting one or more Kriya Yoga Monk permanently residing here in an  Australian ashram.

This initiative — long a dream of AKYA — will:

  • offer Kriyavans direct and regular contact with an advanced Kriya Yoga teacher to support their spiritual practice
  • assist in disseminating Kriya Yoga to seekers in Australia
  • help to foster the Kriya Yoga community and its activities across the country through more regular retreats, higher Kriya retreats, seminars and initiation programs in different centres around Australia 


Swami Gurupriyananda and Swami Sarvatmananda


Learn more about Swami Gurupriyananda Giri

Learn more about Swami Sarvatmananda Giri

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