Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God and the masters be upon all of you. I take this opportunity to pray for you as we celebrate Guru Purnima, the day dedicated to the guru–preceptors, the full moon day in the month of July. This year it falls on Friday the 27th. It is the birthday of Sage Vyasadeva. Sage Vyasadeva is considered the teacher of all teachers.

On this day all seekers on the path of spirituality offer their love and devotion to the great sage through their own spiritual guide and lineage. They pray for their blessings.

A beautiful verse in the Viveka Chudamani (36) of Acharya Shankara glorifies the greatness of the guru–preceptors and their role in spiritual life. This verse is in the form of a prayer:

durvara samsara davagni tapta
dodhuyamanam duradristavataih
bhitam prapannam paripahi mrityoh
sharanyam anyat yadaham na jane

"Save me from death, as I am affected by the unquenchable fire of the world–forest, shaken violently by the winds of an untoward lot, and terrified, and thus seeking refuge in Thee, for I do not know of any other person with whom to take shelter."

In this verse the acharya as a disciple describes the world as a place of immeasurable troubles and difficulties. The disciple is terrified, asking for shelter at the feet of the guru.

Let's consider a few simple questions for reflection and contemplation:

Do we really feel that this world is a place of misery and suffering?

Have we taken refuge in our hearts and souls?

How much do we follow the guru–preceptor and his or her teachings?

Please think it over again and again. Let us truly change our lives.

If we are not sincere and serious, if our spiritual pursuit is just a play, we will not gain much in life. Year after year, days come and go. We should diligently try to transform ourselves with more sadhana, self-rectification, and surrender to the Divine. Time will fly. If we do not use our time, it is our loss.

I am praying to God and the masters to bless each one of us to become good sadhakas and sadhikas. Let us all become their worthy children. I bow to all of you with love and humility.

With Love,

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