Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God and the masters be upon all of you. I take this opportunity to pray for you as we celebrate the Mahasamadhi Day of our beloved Gurudev on 3 December 2018. Already sixteen years have passed. I think of our beloved Gurudev as if he was still here. I cannot imagine so many years have vanished like yesterday; then I think, "Where is he?"


Isn't he luminous in our thoughts and memories, with his words of inspiration, with his smile that motivated us? His living presence and spiritual existence is within each of us. This presence is more clear and vibrant when we follow and practice his teachings.

When I think of him, I am remembering his life and teachings. He was a living scripture. He lived the message of the Gita and the Upanishads. He provided a practical spiritual example. He was always peaceful, loving, and caring. He was always ready to serve the sick, the needy, and the poor. He helped countless poor children become educated and established.

For cultivating peace in daily life, he would often quote in Sanskrit shanti tulyo tapo nasti: "There is no greater penance than living in peace." But how can we find peace in life? Gurudev taught us to practice meditation through breath control; he taught us to maintain inner peace during every situation, pleasant or unpleasant. He also told us to forgive others again and again and to pray for everyone, even for someone who might not be nice to us.

He explained that everyone is family, and that we should love all and serve all without any expectations. He showed us the practical aspect of meditation for daily life. We can meditate with eyes closed, but also with eyes open. He inspired us to do everything with deep love for God and to be always grateful to God. He advised us to always be humble, and he ended his letters to his disciples by writing "Humble Hariharananda." These are practical ways to cultivate humility.

On this special day, I humbly pray to Gurudev to make us humble and divine. In spite of our millions of weaknesses, he showered his love and inspiration on us in order to change us. Again and again I bow at his lotus feet and pray for all of us. Let his love transform our hearts and lives.

With Love,

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