Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God and the masters be upon all of you. I take this opportunity to pray for you as we celebrate the Festival of Light. This festival falls on the new moon day in the month of November. The night is dark, and we celebrate by decorating houses with lamps and colorful lights. We dispel darkness with lamps and lights.

We have found many sources of energy such as fossil fuels, solar energy, and atomic power to create light at night, but how many of us really want to ignite the inner light, the light of the soul? Once we tap the source of this inner light, a flood of love and compassion will manifest in our thoughts, words, and actions.

But how can we achieve this illumination? We need to cultivate the inner values that can transform our lives. Just as a polished diamond can radiate light, when these values are cultivated within us, it will change our lives, attitudes, and actions. This is the real art of living. The great seers have said:

ahimsa satyam asteyam shaucham indriya nigrahah
etam samasikam dharmam

"Nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, purity, and mastery over the senses are the values that should be cultivated by all human beings as their duty."

We love to be appreciated by others. We should learn to appreciate others. We do not want to be hurt by others. We should not hurt others in our thoughts, words, or actions. We think others should be honest and truthful. We should practice being honest and truthful. Without cultivating these values how can we expect others to be kind and loving?

If we look at the world today, no doubt, some dark forces are working to destroy the chord of love, peace, and harmony. With excessive greed, there is limitless exploitation of nature, which causes ecological imbalance, pollution, and global warming as well as their consequences. We must be awakened and alert. Hatred cannot be eliminated with hatred, nor violence with violence. We should learn to live in light and love.

Let us pray to the Divine to shower love and light on each one of us. Let us be worthy instruments in the hands of the Divine for radiating light and love and manifesting peace and compassion.

We should be good examples. If we walk in light, we cannot falter. If we love to live in light, we will be able to shun negativity. If we cultivate human virtues, we will be loved by God and all. Our lives will be fulfilled, and we can convey this message through our faces, movements, words, and actions.

On the occasion of the Festival of Light, let us work hard to be instruments that will eliminate suffering from creation and fill creation with more love and peace. Example is better than precept. Let us be examples of love, purity, compassion, nonviolence, truthfulness, honesty, and humility.

Again and again I pray to the Divine to grant us more strength to be worthy in this creation.

With Love,

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