Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God and the masters be upon you all. I take the opportunity to pray for you during this festival time. Every year, the new moon in the month of October-November is the Deepavali Amavasya, the day of the Festival of Light. People in India decorate their houses, temples, and so forth with lamps. Who does not love light? All living beings love light. Some can sleep well in daylight, then emerge to work in the dim light of night. Day and night are the play of light and life.

If we look at a burning lamp or a candle, we will observe that the heat of the flame rises. The warmth is felt only right above the flame, but the light travels in all directions. The heat of the flame is the path of life, which should always be for our evolution; that is why it is moving up. The warmth of love, compassion, action, and knowledge, like the light, move in all directions, and depending upon their strength, they expand. Knowledge, love, compassion, and action are the functions of the head, heart, and hands, and they are not limited; they are felt, seen, and manifest in all directions.

How should we live? It is said that we should live like a burning lamp. A burning lamp gives light to all and illuminates itself. A burning lamp can kindle other lamps with its flame. The beauty in life is to live for others with love, with caring and sharing, and as a result, goodness is spread in all directions.

A Sanskrit verse states:

paropakarakam yesham jagartim hridaye satam
nashyanti vipadah tesham sampadah syuh pade pade

"For those whose hearts are always eager to serve, difficulties are eradicated and prosperity arises in every step of life."

We should learn to live for others. When we live for others, our hearts and minds are purified, and love and compassion flow more deeply. One who serves others seeks opportunities to help others.

When we walk at night with a lamp in hand, walking is easy, and we can help others see. When I was young, many people would walk to the local market and return in the evening with the help of a flashlight held by one person. There was no electricity, and many could not afford a flashlight. When I remember the evening walk of the village people, I remember how to live a life of sharing. Knowledge and love multiply when shared. When a lamp lights many other lamps, a flood and festival of light ensues.

Just as we light lamps in our homes, let our body-houses be decorated with light. In every door of the body house, the sense organs, the inner chamber of the heart, the mind, let our lives be filled with knowledge, love, and actions that make our lives beautiful and productive.

During this time, let us all pray for world peace by cultivating inner peace, compassion, and lives of service.

Again, I am praying for all of you. Please pray and meditate as you can and serve whenever and wherever possible.

With Love,

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