Loving and Divine Soul,

On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, I send my love, prayers, and best wishes to all of you. I seek the blessings of God and the guru-preceptors for all of you and for all creation. Today, the full moon day of July (Ashadha), is the birthday of Maharshi Vyasadeva. He is considered the guru-preceptor of all humankind, and he is celebrated on Guru Purnima (the full moon dedicated to all guru-preceptors). It is a special day in the lives of every sincere seeker on the path of spirituality.

In all ashrams in India and abroad special celebrations take place. The minds and hearts of devotees and disciples are filled with love and devotion for the guru-preceptors and their lineages with a deep sense of gratitude.

Another great master of the world, Acharya Shankara, expressed the feelings in his heart in his book the Viveka Chudamani (verse 35):

svamin namaste nataloka bandho
karunya sindho patitam bhavabdhau
mamudharatmiya kataksha dristyarijvati
karunya sudhabhi vrishtya

"O Master, you are the friend of the humble and the meek. You are the ocean of mercy. I bow to you. Please save me as I have fallen into the sea of birth and death. Your straightforward glance sheds nectar like supreme grace."

Today is the day disciples express and experience the love in their hearts. Today they rejuvenate their lives with more spiritual strength to become worthy disciples.

Today is also the beginning of chaturmasya vrata. This ancient tradition of the Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists is a vow by guru-preceptors and devoted disciples to live at one place for four months spending time in study, reflection, prayer, and meditation.

Today is the day on which Gautama Buddha left everything in his search for Truth.

On this special day, when we all celebrate in our own way, let us try to bring love, compassion, prayer, and an attitude of service to our lives. Let us be worthy instruments who create inner and outer transformation. Let us all make positive contributions to this world of suffering. Let us shed rays of love and kindness with our thoughts, words, and activities. Let us all grow with divine virtues.

With Love,

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