My Loving and Divine One,

Let the choicest blessings of God and masters be upon all of you. I send my love and best wishes on the occasion of the holy birth day of our beloved Gurudev. Every year this celebration brings more joy and happiness into our lives. According to the lunar calendar, the full moon in the month of May is Gurudev's birthday. This year the full moon fell on the 21st of May, but we normally celebrate on May 27, which is easy for all to remember. In addition, Gurudev liked the May 27 date, not the full moon date.

Initially, he did not like the proposal to celebrate his birthday, but gradually he accepted it, and we enjoyed celebrating his birthday mostly in his physical company. Gradually people in different parts of the world started celebrating Gurudev's birthday. On and around his birthday, people meditate more, reflect upon his life and teachings, and try to be better people.

Once on his birthday Gurudev said, "It is not my birthday, it is the birthday of all of you." Another time he said, "We celebrate the function to remember that God is functioning in our bodies." Gurudev's teachings are very simple and practical. He always emphasized practice and experience.

I have been reading the book My Time with the Master again for its revision, and I am making some additions to it. Because of this work, my memory of the moments spent with Gurudev and his thoughts are quite vibrant; it is extremely inspiring, lively, and lovely. These memories are a spiritual treasure for me. He has been helping me carry out the work of the masters in many ways.

God gave me the opportunity to take part in Gurudev's birthday celebrations in India, Europe, and the USA in his loving presence. I reminisce about every moment of these days starting from very early morning until late night. He radiated love, peace, and a childlike beauty in his every movement, and he helped all those present become more inwardly evolved.

Time flies fast. We should examine our level of transformation. With so much opportunity at hand we still miss the golden chance in life due to laziness and procrastination.

Let us live lives of self-discipline, study, prayer, and meditation.
Let us live lives of love and compassion.
Let us live lives of service without any expectation.
Human life is a beautiful opportunity to serve and to love. Let us all be worthy messengers of love and peace everywhere.

Again I am praying for all.

With Love,

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