Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God and the masters be upon you all. I take this opportunity to pray for all of you as we celebrate the punya tithi (the day of mahasamadhi). Thirteen years have passed. Time is flowing and it waits for no one. When I reflect upon Shri Gurudev's life, I am recounting his life and achievements. How successful his life was. How dedicated and committed his mission was. What have we learned from him?

Time will pass in its own way, but we should watch ourselves: What is our attainment or achievement? Many years have passed since Gurudev's departure. We should consider our lives and actions.

A Sanskrit verse quite befitting Gurudev's life has a great message for all of us:

        upakaro-paro-dharmah paro'rthah karma naipunyam
        patre-danam parah kamah paro moksha vitrishnata

        "Doing good to others is the best dharma (duty or religion).
        To serve others is the real skill or tactic in life. To help the
        needy is the best desire, and freedom from desire is liberation."

Here are a few things to be remembered and practiced in daily life:

  1. Live for others.
  2. Love all as the living presence of the divine.
  3. Do charity for the needy.
  4. Keep the flame of liberation burning in the heart.
  5. Constantly feel that you are the soul free from all bondage.

Apart from doing our personal sadhana, such as meditating diligently, we should try to find some time to serve others with love and reverence. Masters have repeatedly directed, "Be good, do good, and see good."

Shri Gurudev's life was a beautiful integration of sadhana and seva. His life was dedicated to the entire creation. His love was unique. He helped countless people since his childhood. His great source of inspiration was his loving and compassionate mother.

On this special day when we remember our beloved Gurudev, let us try to be humble, try to cultivate compassion and love in our hearts, and try to serve and love others with sincerity. Seva (selfless service) will purify the mind and memory and reduce ego. It will help us progress on the path of spiritual development. Let us live not only for ourselves, but also for others.

With Love,

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