Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God and the masters be upon you all. I take the opportunity to pray for you as we celebrate the twelfth anniversary of our beloved Gurudev's mahasamadhi. It is astonishing to think that such a span of time has already passed. His presence and his love are still vibrant in the minds and hearts of countless people. His humble way of teaching and his practical guidance still echo within. He always spoke of inner transformation.

He said our spiritual progress can easily be measured by our nature and our behavior. We are not just social animals, we are also spiritual beings. We have God-like potentiality for divine qualities. We have the ability to change our lives, and we can have a good effect on others. But to achieve this we must change our attitudes and outlook. We always expect to be loved by others, but how much love and care for others manifests from our hearts through our actions? Gurudev said if we want to know what type of person we are, we should ask our critics and enemies; they will tell what we are. We pose as nice people, but our inner and outer lives, minds, thoughts, words, expressions, and deeds must be fully integrated with love and compassion.

Gurudev said it is easy to win others over if you have the ability to win over yourself. This implies that we must conquer our emotions, anger, ego, judgments, and criticism toward others. He often quoted a verse in Sanskrit advising us to cultivate values:

kshamaya dayaya premna sunritenarjavena ca
vashi kritya jagat sarvam vinayena ca sevaya

"With forgiveness, compassion or kindness, love, sweet, caring and loving words, humility and service, one will be able to conquer the entire world."

Gurudev came to the West exactly four decades ago when he was sixty-seven years old. His love and compassion transformed the lives of many. He was exemplary. All the qualities in the above verse were manifest in his day-to-day behavior. Those who lived with him are well aware of it.

Time is passing. We have come and we will have to go. We must consider how we are going to depart. We must make every effort to live up to Gurudev's vision.

On this special day, when we are thinking of Gurudev and remembering him and his teachings, we should be more determined to transform our lives, saturating ourselves with love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. We should not be miserly in talking with love and sweetness.

Let us express our love to Gurudev with the following words:

"O Beloved Baba,
You live in our hearts and speak through our actions.
You sing through our speech and guide by our decisions.
You walk with our feet and serve with our hands.
You breathe through our noses and meditate through our lives."

On this special day I pray to God and the masters to bless all of us to live to the highest standards and be a good instrument of the Divine.

With Love,

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