Loving and Divine Soul,

Every year the holy days come and go. Now the time of Holy Easter has arrived, and I send my loving greetings and best wishes to all of you. I hope all of you enjoy love, peace, and bliss. Life is an opportunity; we must make the best use of it. Life is flowing by and it does not wait. If we miss a moment, even a breath, it is lost forever. We know very well that time does not wait for anyone. We must make ourselves ready and active.

Remember the Last Supper of the Lord; how he instructed his apostles to pray and to meditate. He washed his disciples’ feet, showing his humility and love. He fed everyone. He gave his flesh and blood. Then he went to pray and meditate alone. But could his apostles follow him faithfully? When he returned after praying, he found the apostles sleeping, which demonstrates human weakness. Can we rise above this weakness?

Over two millenniums have passed since the divine play of Jesus. He wanted us to keep our lives clean and pure. He wanted us to live for others. He showed the path of love and compassion. But are we doing this? What are our lives really like? How are our thoughts? We must carefully monitor our attitudes and actions. We should be active, not reactive. We should be positive, not critical. We should love God and God’s creation by setting a loving example.

Creation is beautiful. As human beings we have a duty to make creation a better place to live; we must not make it chaotic. God is omnipresent, and creation is the cosmic form of the Divine. We should love creation and care for each other. Jesus sacrificed his life for creation. As the children of God, we should be loving and caring toward each other. Instead of finding fault in others, we should rectify our own mistakes. When the Lord resurrected, we observed the faith and love of Mary Magdalene, as well as her loving service to the Lord. She was fortunate to witness the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

We should follow in the footprints of great divine incarnations and be sincere followers, not for show, but in our hearts and spirit. Our lives and actions should manifest our efforts; we should not settle for words. Actions in silence speak more than words.

Let us pray to the Lord from our hearts and transform our lives with those actions which will be good in the eyes of the Lord. Let the Lord be our guide. I remember a prayer from Psalm (28:7):

       “The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all
        my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.
        I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.”

Let us thank God for giving us a human birth and an opportunity to live and serve creation. Let us thank God by our own transformation and by loving life. Let us be worthy instruments in the hands of the Divine.

With Love,

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