Loving and Divine Soul,

On the occasion of Mother's Day, I offer my love, regards, and prayers for your mother and for mothers in general - not only for human mothers, but for the mothers of all living beings, as well as for the Mother Earth. At the same time, I send my love and best wishes to all of you.

We all have mothers. The motherly nature hides in all our hearts, unnoticed by many. Our mothers may be physically present or may have gone to the heavenly abode, but our mothers' presence is always with and within us. Can we think of ourselves without a mother? She kept us in her womb and nurtured us for months. She kept us on her lap and in her arms and fed us at her breast. Ultimately, she protected us under the wings of her love. She is the symbol of sacrifice and love. She is the epitome of perfection in caring and serving.

Motherhood is unique. Nothing can compare with it or replace it. Unfortunately, we do not realize the greatness of our mothers, and we ignore them. Many times when we realize our mistake, no time remains for correction as she is no longer near us.

A mother is a great teacher with infinite patience. She molds the lives of her children. A loving mother is not only a mother for her own children; she is the mother of all. She does not have the sense of mine and thine. When I think of my mother, I realize she was the most beautiful person. She taught me compassion, love, fearlessness, and prayer. She taught me to never accept defeat in life in spite of countless challenges. To me she was a blooming and smiling flower full of love and beauty.

Unfortunately, we forget to see the mother in all women and in all creation.

With the passage of time we forget the greatness of the mother and the divinity in motherhood. We forget Mother Nature and its significance for sustainable development; instead, we ruthlessly exploit and squeeze it. We forget Mother Earth and poison and deplete her in the name of agricultural productivity. As a result, pollution is everywhere and countless diseases spread. We are causing the extinction of many species. Instead of being grateful to a mother cow for her loving contribution of milk and other products, we torture her and cause her troubles.

At this time it is nice to remember mothers and motherhood, not only our loving mothers, but motherhood as a divine gift. We should respect and honor all mothers with love and adoration, not just for a day, but during every day of life.

I offer my love to my mother and to all the mothers in the world, Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and wherever motherhood manifests.

With Love,

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