Loving and Divine Soul,

Let the choicest blessings of God and the masters be upon you all. I take the opportunity to pray for all of you, and I send my love and best wishes on this day when we worship the Divine as the Mother of all. Let us seek her blessings and strength. We are children of the Divine, born on this earth — a gross manifestation of the Divine.

Mother Earth is not only home for all living beings, but is also the source of food and drink. The earth provides us oxygen to breathe from its plants and trees. The earth is the storehouse of water useful for all life. The beautiful earth of hills, mountains, meadows, valleys, flatlands, rivers, creeks, forests, seas, and shores provide shelter, food, and space to play and grow.

When we were born, we came to the lap of Mother Earth, who is a symbol of the Divine Mother, and when we die, we will return to her lap through burial or cremation. The earth is our loving mother. We should care for her. We should be conscious and careful of her condition and practical in our daily living, to protect Mother Earth.

But how? After celebrating nine days of worshiping Divine Mother, today is Vijaya, the day of victory. Victory in life is possible through the grace and blessings of the Divine Mother who manifests in the form of mothers in many ways.

We should behave nicely so that our lives are filled with love for the Mother. Is it not so? Our attitude towards mothers, motherhood, Mother Nature, and especially towards Mother Earth should be loving, and we should make positive contributions to sustain them. There are a few points to ponder, and we can take our own steps as we can.

  1. Don’t waste food.
  2. Minimize possessions, which can torture the earth as resources are extracted from it.
  3. Plant trees and create small gardens, even in tubs.
  4. Encourage people to not pollute the earth or be an indirect cause of pollution due to our lifestyle.
  5. Save energy and conserve water.

Shri Gurudev’s first ashram experience was at Karar Ashram, and his last one was at the ashram in Miami. At Karar Ashram he was a new resident, a brahmachari, a seeker; later it became the place of his perfection. In Miami he was a great master, living a dynamic life, even during his advanced age. He transformed both ashrams with beautiful gardens filled with fruits and flowers. He physically took care of them himself. He showed us how to love plants and trees and how to care for them. In his words, taking care of a garden was a practical way to care for your own life, to make it flower and be fruitful. Following in his footprints can lead us to victory. We must be more disciplined, devoted, and dutiful. Our victory will be more dynamic if we live a joyful life of love and compassion, ready to serve others without any expectations.

This year, as a gift from the Divine Mother and the masters we have an ashram in Colorado, which is called the Rocky Mountain Ashram or the Temple of Peace. It will be a loving offering to our beloved Gurudev as we commemorate the 40th anniversary of his coming to the West. We must sincerely dedicate it with our love, peace, and compassion.

Peace is possible with inner calm, a proactive life of harmony and humility, and serving the cause of God’s beautiful creation. Let this new ashram fulfill its name to bring peace to all who visit or live there.

I am praying for all.

Let there be peace in the entire creation — that is the real victory in life.

With Love,

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